Notartel SpA

About Us

Notartel is the IT company for Italian public Notaries

Notartel is a public limited company owned by the Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato (National Council of Notaries) and the Cassa Nazionale del Notariato (National Notaries’ Fund). It has been producing and managing computer
and electronic services for Italian notaries since 1997.
It integrates services internal to the notary's office with those of the Public Administration and the private sector with a view to creating a single computerised system for notaries (Rete Unitaria del Notariato). The company implements the policies drafted by the IT sector of the Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato.
Since 2002, we manage the issue of Digital Signature and Smart Card and the Certified E-mail service of Italian notaries on behalf of the National Council of Notariat.

Since 2013, we are the Keeper of Italian notaries’ electronic deeds on behalf of the National Council of Notariat.

Since 2016, we are accredited with the AgID in the list of digital document keepers.

We obtained the ISO 27001:2013 Certification, the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification and the EU 910/2014 eIDAS Certification.

Notartel is an accredited agent by the Ministry of Justice, and entered in the Register of Overseers of telematic sales for the management of judicial sales.

We publish our quarterly newsletter Infonews and we are present on the website of the National Council of Notariat.

The company works with prominent European and international notariats on integrating document management platforms. 

Efficiency, security and transparency

Security for Notartel isn’t just an objective, but also a work method using technological instruments to safeguard and preserve the integrity, consistence and availability of data we process regarding the activities it carries out in the panorama of IT services to notaries.

We constantly monitor our security performances, with a focus on cyber threats.

Three are the pillars of our security system:

Physical security, a 24/7 surveillance with alarm systems and cameras, access control and armouring of critical areas. We have also created a disaster recovery site in Milan;

Logical security, the design and configuration of systems which ensure the balance of data traffic, the availability of back-up structures and procedures that guarantee access to information only and exclusively to authorized users and personnel;

Perimeter security, equipment and applications that restrict administrative access to systems only to authorized personnel, and allow the protection of our systems through antispam and antivirus services.

Collaboration Agreements

We work with CINI – the National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics – for the development of research and training activities, as well as scientific dissemination, in the deployment of AI systems and for the management of Big Data systems within the notarial profession.

With ADSN (the Association pour le Développement du Service Notarial), we share the knowledge and experience gained in the field of advanced technological services for notary profession in Italy and France.

We participate in the Working Group between the Conservation Centers to uniformly manage the conservation of documents from different administrations in the public sector.

We work with Municipalities and Institutions to design a model for electronic, personal and marital status (Digital Citizenship) circularity.


The Customer at the center 

The heart of our company mission is to effectively combine technology and implementation of services (technology and services) with a vision and management of the Customer's needs ("the Customer at the center").

For Notartel, Customer Care is a daily commitment, with organization and production processes entrusted to multi-disciplinary teams that work in an integrated way.

The Customer Care service assists customers on a daily basis looking for quick and effective solutions for support requests, manages reports in a complete and exhaustive way, tracks the actions taken to solve problems and analyzes quantitative data for the continuous improvement of the services provided.