Notartel SpA


Notartel is the IT company for Italian public Notaries

Notartel is a public limited company owned by the Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato (National Council of Notaries) and the Cassa Nazionale del Notariato (National Notaries’ Fund). It has been producing and managing computer
and electronic services for Italian notaries since 1997. Notartel links all Italian notaries through the Rete Unitaria del Notariato (RUN), a restricted web platform that offers essential services for dialoguing with the Public Administration and with citizens. The company implements the policies drafted by the IT sector of the Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato.
It integrates services internal to the notary's office with those of the Public Administration and the private sector with a view to creating a single computerised system for notaries.

Notartel collaborates with the Italian Public Administration on drafting memoranda of understanding for the testing of new technologies accessible by all citizens. The company works with prominent European and international notariats on integrating document management platforms. Foreign notariats frequently inquire about our applications with a view to importing them into their systems. As a public limited company, Notartel respects the criteria of affordability in management through continuous cost monitoring, re-investing profits to finance new projects and providing the category with detailed and transparent information.

Efficiency, security and transparency

The use of information technology offers notaries a vast array of advantages while also ensuring citizens transparency and traceability. Notaries use information technology for drafting electronic documents, extracting data contained in documents and fulfilling related obligations; but also for adopting secure and reliable systems such as the digital signature and certified e-mail, creating indexes and archives and managing accounts for internal and tax purposes.
Specifically, the Rete Unitaria del Notariato (RUN) allows notaries to:
•  conduct legally required investigations (property ownership and cadastral searches, etc.) by connecting directly to Public Administration databases;
•  fulfil the unique electronic obligations associated with real estate deeds and online registration with the Business Register;
•  manage online auctions;
•  anonymously report suspicious transactions for anti-money laundering purposes;• dialogue with the computer system of the Ministry of Justice regarding Electronic Civil Trials;
•  update Public Administration databases;
•  consult legal databases online;
•  receive daily news updates.

International security

Notartel is collaborating with the Bartolus platform, which enables the interoperability of digital documents issued by the principal European Notariats (Germany, Spain, France and Italy), and is currently in the process of integrating with the EUFides platform for the management of cross-border dossiers, a project that has been entrusted to the French notariat.