About Us

Dematerialisation and digitalisation of the notarial profession.

We are the IT company of the National Council of Notaries (CNN) and the National Notary Fund. We have been the IT service provider to Italian notaries since 1997 and, over time, we have become the key player in this sector.

Our mission is the dematerialisation and digitalisation of notarial services. We carry out projects and objectives specified by the National Council of Notaries through the IT Commission, with which we share proposals, needs and requirements for the notary of the future.

We work to improve the notary’s basic services delivery model, also taking into account the needs of young notaries, develop new applications to enable notaries to provide services with high levels of efficiency at sustainable costs and play a proactive role in the national and international debate about digital transformation.

On December 2023, Notartel formalized its legal status as a Benefit Corporation as an innovative enterprise that operates sustainably and transparently in the interest of the community, endowing itself with concrete and measurable goals included in its statute.

We work with specific skills in the legal field IT

  • Technology Assets – proprietary data centers in business continuity, protected in Italy by disaster recovery systems
  • Efficiency – Design, development, application management and security operated by in-house staff
  • Quality – Company working with high quality standards and certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 for security management. 

Cooperation with PA

We enable collaboration between the Notary platforms, the PA, citizens and businesses, both on European and on international level, to ensure communication and sharing between IT systems, in compliance with current legislation.


We work alongside other European Countries notariats

To create a tangible and effective interoperability between IT systems and to share notarial data and services

For the assessment of data contained in the deeds of individual European notaries

To develop new services and technologies for cross-border real estate